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I'm Angelus Taylor

I'm a .NET Developer.

I'm a Full Stack Developer.

I'm a Software Engeneer.

Digital Nomad.

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About Me

Hello! I'm Angelus Taylor.

Detail-oriented and self-driven Jr .NET Developer with 11 years in the Information Technology field. I develop and implement web-based solutions, maintain and update web applications, whilst improving the whole programming process. I have a deep passion for technology, extensive technological expertise, and well-developed teamwork abilities.

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My Skils

A list of my tried and tested .Net Development Skills.

Why I am Different

Here are a few reasons why I think I would be a great fit for your organization and an outstanding resource for your project goals.

My Skills

As a Junior .NET developer, I work tirelessly work hard every day to improve my skills, incorporate new frameworks and learn emerging technologies.

Front-End development 55%

Back-End Development 75%

C# 65%

.Net Framworks 70%

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My Best Works

Every project here Showcases complete and functional full-stack applications and Mini websites. I have built these applications from the ground up to demonstrate my skills within the domain of front-end, back-end, database, and security development. I have built these applications with you in mind so you can demo them easily. If you would like a code walkthrough, feel free to contact me.

Work in Process

I am currently building my blog from scratch. I am using C#, .NET 5, asp.net VNC, javascript also Bootstrap 5 This will be done by end of this week. My blog covers a lot of the unknowns of Data structures and Algorithms. It will help new devs like myself to be more confident when facing coding interviews.

Angelus T Blog

My latest blog posts

Blog post
Finally get Algorithms

Join me as I break down the best Algorithms for your projects as well as how to use them to land that dream job.

Blog post
Master Data structures

Join me as I master the essential algorithms and data structures that are used in today's hottest apps and coding interviews. Let's learn together!

Blog post
Coding Interview

Learn how to beat Coding interviews. Join me as we learn the problem-based interview questions and techniques that are used to assess potential employees for today's most illustrious companies.

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